Donald Trump Could’ve Benefited From Bilingual Birdies

Posted on July 14, 2015

Baby Trump when he should've been set on the right path by Bilingual Birdies.

Baby Trump when he should’ve been set on the right path by Bilingual Birdies.

Ay, Señor Trump. To put it plain and simply- you really could have benefited from attending Bilingual Birdies when you were a kid. But alas, we just didn’t exist yet when your mom was still wiping your nose. It’s a pity it took so long for my parents to immigrate to the US from Iran and Mexico (for college, not to sell drugs and/or kill people as you may have assumed), meet in an English as a Second Language class, give birth to me, and for me to grow up and create such a meaningful children’s program in New York City, a place built by foreigners. I truly believe we could have prevented the ignorance and racism you have displayed in front of the entire world. We could have taught you to respect others and saved you from the 78 million dollars you are currently loosing from companies who are dropping you thanks to your cultural unawareness.

Trump today. Bummed he never got the chance to take a Bilingual Birdies class and learn to be culturally aware.

Trump today. Bummed he never got the chance to take a Bilingual Birdies class and learn to be culturally aware.

Let’s review: You’re running for president. And you came out with that info using some fear tactics explaining that you’ll bring jobs back to America and tighten up the borders so no more Mexican and Latino rapists, killers, and drug dealers can come in, since that’s what you think is coming here by the herds. It perplexes me that no one in your clan visited this little site called to do 2 minutes of research on who Mexicans and Latinos actually are in America. Are your speechwriters against you? You’re obviously capable. I know how hard it is to turn a dollar out of 50 cents, which you’ve clearly done a bazillion times, so how is it possible that you don’t know how valuable we the Latinos are? Market research. Every entrepreneurship class I’ve taken talked about this. See here as my hermanita, America Ferrera (my hometown SHE-ro who went to the same middle as me in LA) so clearly puts it: “Latinos are the largest, youngest and fastest-growing constituency in the United States of America. That’s right! You are running for President in a country where the Latino population grew by over 49 percent from 2000-2012, while the rest of the country grew by 5.8 percent. What’s more, we are the future. The median age of the average Latino is 27 years old, compared to 42 years old for white Americans. In case you need a translation, that means there are a whole lot of Americans who are Latino and have the right to vote.” And as boss lady Eva Longoria puts it, “A Latino turns 18 every 30 seconds, which is dangerous to some people who don’t want them to vote.”
Watch out, I just got my voter registration info in the mail since I live in San Francisco now where I just moved to expand my company which is creating jobs for people and contributing to the economy and also happens to be educating children, one of the most noble professions in existence. Note: child of a Mexican immigrant who came here to do no wrong. Just clarifying.

Friends, I just know we could have helped him. A little background on me- I went to an elementary school in LA that was mainly populated by White Americans but also had pockets that were ethically all mixed up. I’ll never forget that even when I was in kindergarten some of the kids would make fun of this Korean boy named Bobby Choi for speaking in what they all thought was Chinese. They’d also give a hard time to the Juliana, the Mexican girl who sat next to me for barely speaking English. Sometimes she would even cry. It used to get me right in the heart every time Bobby and Juliana were negatively singled out for being culturally different than the majority. 19 years later when I started Bilingual Birdies I in part did it in their honor. I utilized that heart piercing feeling to launch something big with the mission of teaching foreign languages to preschool kids through music. I did this because I wanted kids to be more aware when they got to kindergarten. Every morning I would tell parents, “Yes your kids will learn the 10-15 new vocabulary words we teach in each class. But more importantly, they will learn to embrace diversity. They will learn to respect others who come from other countries, speak other languages, and eat different foods. Your kid will grow up to be a more tolerant, open-minded adult who has cross-cultural awareness. Everyone in our classes will get a boost in their social-emotional development.” Essentially, they won’t be racist when they grow up. The reason why I started Bilingual Birdies was to prevent a generation of people who ended up with the insensitivity of Donald. Learning a language is one of the most accessible ways to bridge cultural gaps and start to understand that we must celebrate culture differences, not reject them. Last year around this time I got a call from Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant asking for private lessons for her kid. That would have been the perfect opportunity for grandpa and baby to come and learn together how to have compassion for others.

Donald Trump leaves us no choice – we have to move faster and get into every school possible, everywhere. We just can’t risk losing one more capable preschoolers to ignorant-land. Bilingual Birdies is here to make a difference. We’re all in this together. Pa’delante.

Peace and love,

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