Introducing…Our Manifesto!

Posted on December 5, 2013

The holidays always have me thinking in a more warm and fuzzy language. On November 21 I completed my 31st spin around the sun, followed by Thanksgivukkah and with Xmas and New Year’s right around the corner, I’ve pretty much instilled gratitude as my preferred attitude.  I finally put paper to pen (well, fingers to MacBook) and transmitted why we do what we do, every day. Introducing… our manifesto! What do you think?

With love (and gratitude),


Bilingual Birdies Manifesto

2 Responses to Introducing…Our Manifesto!

  1. Sista P says:

    gorgeous Sarah, lovely… If I may, I might add “practice and teach your own children your own cultural riches and keep tradition ALIVE.”(you know, in order to ensure that we have actual culture left on the planet in a few generations and not just its faint electronic memory, G-d forbid.)

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