Introducing the Bilingual Birdies Band!

Posted on November 13, 2011

These are the faces of the lovely individuals who are teaching your children about some of the most important things in life and in some of the most inspiring ways. But, who are they, for real? In short, they are bilingual musicians. Search deeper and you will learn that they are 20-somethings who come from far away places like Argentina, Puerto Rico, Peru, Israel, France, Taiwan, Kentucky, LA, Brooklyn, and beyond. They’ve all moved to NYC in pursuit of their dreams of playing music, acting, singing, and contributing to the arts. And, they all have a genuine love for children. They each run up and down subway stairs numerous times a day from school to school with a four foot guitar, bags of mini maracas for three-year-olds and a big smile. Passerby suits from the outside must question, why all the hustle and bustle? Answer: they believe in the work. These incredible teachers continue to show up 20 minutes early to classes and sing their hearts out with children in different languages because they understand the cultural seeds of awareness they are planting today, will pop later in life and encourage a society of more open-minded, tolerant, and intelligent adults.  Here’s to living your bliss!

Learn more about the Bilingual Birdies teachers here:

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