Meet Francesc! He’s a gentle soul with a very kid-friendly vibe. Your kids will love Spanish class with him!

  • Name: Francesc Gómez
  • City, country you are from: Barcelona, Spain
  • Name of college and what you studied: Royal Conservatory of The Hague (The Netherlands)
  • How/Why is your work at BB meaningful to you: I love to spend time with the kids, and use the varied Bilingual Birdies curriculum to engage the kids with games that help them to learn the language in a fun and easy way. I also love that Bilingual Birdies is a program that includes ethical aspects like sharing, loving and respecting family and each other classmates, etc.
  • Favorite adult band/singer in the language you teach: Camaron de la Isla with Paco de Lucia
  • Your special way of getting the children’s attention or unique teaching technique: Making jokes in an exaggerated theatrical way. I take inspiration from funny moments I saw in cartoons as a kid, using them in my own funny way with what is happening on the spot.
  • One reason why you think learning a foreign language is important at a young age: When you are young, learning a language is easier because you are less shy. Additionally, learning a language opens a lot of doors in kids’ futures (as I experienced myself!) — it gives a lot of advantages socially, professionally, going around the world, more culture, a more open view of everything, more opportunities, knowledge, etc…And as the spanish saying says: “El saber no ocupa lugar” – “Knowledge does not take up any space”!
  • Favorite part of a BB class: The interaction with the kids: Seeing their different reactions with different songs and games, and of course all the pure happiness that the kids always share.



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