Top 10 Reasons Why Bilingual Kids Rock!

Posted on August 4, 2013

Our founder, Sarah Farzam's, nephew is a multi-lingual kid!Showing off your Bilingual Birdies skills on the playground sure is fun, but check out these Top 10 Reasons Why Bilingual Kids Rock to learn how being bilingual benefits your kid (and you)!

We recently had a lot of fun sharing this list and hearing everyone’s reactions and stories on our Facebook page. What do YOU think?

Reason #1: Your bilingual kid is healthier! Studies show that knowing another language reduces stress and anxiety in children.

Reason #2: Did you know? Bilingual kids have greater attention and thinking skills, because their brain’s ‘executive functioning’ is more active. Make way for smartypants!

Reason #3: Bilingual kids are better at grammar! Kids naturally compare the languages they know, so they better understand the rules and intricacies of their native language. Ooh la la.

Reason #4: Being bilingual will help your kid for life! Speaking another language can prevent mental aging health decline, including diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Reason #5: Get cultural! When your child learns another language it builds awareness about people and life around the world.

Reason #6: Wow, even infants benefit from being bilingual! Infants exposed to a second language can tell one sound from another better than infants growing up with one language.

Reason #7: Who doesn’t want their kid to be an expert multitasker? Being bilingual increases the ability to multitask and lots of others!

Reason #8: Bilingual kids will make more Being bilingual opens your minddiverse friends! Speaking a second language will open up communication with kids from other cultures and create new lasting friendships.

Reason #9: Could being bilingual help your kid become a math whiz? Studies show that learning another language improves kid’s problem solving skills such as math!

Reason #10: When your kid learns another language, it opens their mind up to a new perspective on the world!

Who knew a second language could have so many benefits to your whole being! Why do YOU love being bilingual?


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