Tomás uses rhythm and melody to create a genuine sense of joyfulness in every class!

  • Name: Tomas Latorre
  • City, country you are from: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Name of college and what you studied:
    Berklee College of Music, CWP (Contemporary Writing and Production)
  • How/Why is your work at BB meaningful to you: It’s a very direct way to give back to a community, combining two main faculties that represent me: music and spanish. I find my early music education in my life to have been imperative for later important decisions, so now I can be in a position to help young people discover music and culture.
  • Favorite adult band/singer in the language you teach: Pedro Aznar
  • Your special way of getting the children’s attention or unique teaching technique: Funny faces
  • One reason why you think learning a foreign language is important at a young age: Knowing different languages opens new doors, allows you to meet new people and build bridges. I was raised bilingual and gave it for granted until I left home and realized the opportunities it provided for me.
  • Favorite part of a BB class: My favorite part is when the music happens. Though the goal is ultimately to learn and start familiarizing yourself with a new language, using music as a medium alleviates any pressure and in my opinion makes learning easier and fun since you have more ways to reference a language more than just the sound of a word and repeating it by heart (melody, rhythm & groove, the context of a song and dancing why not!) When I’m playing before kids, they  certainly help me reach that initial feeling and connection that one has with music before studying it theoretically and technically. So, in that space I believe I am able to bring out that purity, accompanied with sense of humor, goofiness, and pure joy that just makes the whole learning process more enjoyable.




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